I am curious, enthusiastic, and currently exploring the world of start-ups and entrepreneurship.


When I started at my first job in Management Consulting, the firm was a small start-up with 10+ people that grew up to (and maybe over) 200 when I left. I enjoyed to be part of the movement that made it a serious trusted advisor to the top 250 companies and governmental institutions within the Netherlands. It also made me realise that I favour that phase in organisations. The Start-up phase when everything seems possible, the rules have yet to be written and one has the chance to co-shape the organisation.


Tilly Kammeron

Since 2007 I have acted as a senior consultant in projects responsible for project management, from acquiring a project until the formal finalisation. I have been lucky to do many types of projects varying from risk analysis, to management control, to process redesign, to change in both business as governmental institutions.