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The law of attraction

“Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do!” ~ Steve Jobs. Though he was referring to products and companies I think it als applies to people. By now we’ve learned that multitasking only diminishes productivity and that it is better to limit distractions. Last week I experienced the power of

Oktober: Almost time! But why so emotional?

As the marathon date is getting near, I experience a bulk of emotions. Though that may be expected, it freaks me out, sort of. Experiencing emotions is new to me. Normally I succeed in following ratio, thereby trumping emotions. But it’s different now. It’s been a while since I took up such a big challenge


Next big happening, for me, running 10K at the Rotterdam Marathon. Of course I should write “my first race”, but as I cannot say (write) this with a straight face, I opt for “my first official run”. With races I think of fast people, professional sporters and people with a healthy sports-oriented lifestyle. Not someone

Birthday month, and all I can think of is “what if..”

Birthday month, and all I can think of is “what if..” September always comes with excitement. It’s the moment to reconnect with friends, classmates and colleagues as everyone gets ready to fire it up in school, at work and the gym after a slow and (if lucky) a lazy summer. Often people cannot wait to

A special project, festival vlogging for local television!

A special project: festival vlogging for local television! A fun project that took me way out of my comfort zone, and helped me to improve my storytelling. This summer I participated in a very special project: vlogging for local television! Salto, a local Amsterdam Television broadcaster, and YELP Amsterdam started a project called Festival Journaal