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On The Blurred Lines Of Perceived Privacy And Public Data

“Hi, this looks amazing! Congratulations on the new venture. I was in the neighbourhood and had to see it. How are things?” “Hi, we’re good, having an amazing start. Great you came by. How are you? It’s good to see you.” “So it is. And good to finally meet in real life!” No?!? We met

April: Bowie, 10K and a good laugh

  April: Bowie, 10 K And A Good Laugh April always brings out the best of me, as it is hard not to be happy, enthusiastic and full of life when the world awakens and everything comes to bloom. Add to that a visit to the “David Bowie is” exposition in Groningen and my very first official run and

March 2016 – a first assessment of the new lifestyle

A short assessment of the new lifestyle A birthday, assessment and surgery; what a month! March 2016 The month started in celebrations, my son turned 19! And with my dad abroad and stepmother busy it was up to me to make him his favourite Surinam dish: rice with Pom. A first that felt like an

Februari 2016 – adventures and a breakdown

New adventures and a breakdown Living the new normal, and finding out there’s more to it than meets the eye. Februari 2016 Did I speak of a Rollercoaster ride in November? I spook to soon. This month was even crazier. Travelling, running adventures, illness, a breakdown, and a new start. I am starting to think that

January 2016 – New beginnings

New beginnings Exploring the new year, new traditions, new therapies, new products, and more. January started rather adventurous, as I participated in a (Dutch) tradition the nieuwjaarsduik (Polor bear plunge, Loony dook). And with it came the feeling (as it often comes at the beginning of the year), that this time everything would be different! But