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Starting the year with a Dutch tradition, De nieuwjaarsduik!

The tradition of the Polar Bear Plunge, Loony dook, or “Nieuwjaarsduik”, as we say it in Dutch, always intrigued me. Brave people that defy the cold and take a plunge in the often freezing cold water to start the new year afresh. Okay, usually not literally freezing, but very very cold. So when in November a

December 2015 – From Ideas to Commitment

From ideas to commitments A period of finalising thoughts, setting plans in motion and celebrations. December 2015 Runner’s highs, the flu, research, and plenty of thinking. I almost feel as if for the last few years I’ve been slowly crawling up on the rollercoaster and last month it crossed the tipping point and we’re sliding, no

Hello world!

Sometimes something happens, and in that instant you know it will change you. Like the arrival of a newborn or the death of a loved one. More often change happens gradually. And one morning you wake up and realise that over time you started doing things differently. At least that’s how it worked for me.

November 2015 – Go Big Or Go Home

November 2015 – Go big or go home Regardless of how sound a plan is at the start, after a while I get itchy and need to evaluate, and maybe add some changes. 8 November, 2015. A few days ago I experienced my 1st runners high. During and at the end of the run I