January 2016 – New beginnings

January 21, 2016 Tilly No comments exist

New beginnings

Exploring the new year, new traditions, new therapies, new products, and more.

January started rather adventurous, as I participated in a (Dutch) tradition the nieuwjaarsduik (Polor bear plunge, Loony dook). And with it came the feeling (as it often comes at the beginning of the year), that this time everything would be different! But of course the next day I woke up in the same pj's, in the same bed, in the same house. And I was, and am the same person. But frankly my project started earlier, and thinking about it, this was only part of a path I started following earlier. So let's continue.

The year began rather amorous as was witness to a wedding. Ok, ok, a registered partnership. Though I'd rather refer to it as a wedding, as it had everything a wedding normally has, up until her carrying his name. A symbolic action to secure their relationship (quickly) in a challenging period (with the plan to in due time organise that special extensive wedding to celebrate their love with the extended family and friends). Though it was my third time in this role, it is always new and special, as every couple is unique. It makes me feel special that I am welcome to celebrate the love of friends, even more when I have a role as simple as signing the deed. And, to me, it also represents a commitment to both partners entering the alliance.

In my continued quest of finding bliss I explored bright light therapy of which you can read more in the dedicated post. And had a few deep, coach-like conversations with a family member and dear friend. He is a sparring partner in this process, a welcome role to confront me when I start babbling, lose track or stand still. He categorises my situation as "having a constant stress factor, trauma even", that leads to no rest, continuous agitation, and generally no time for the simple things such as creating a photo album, or living my own life. He challenges me to play with connection between my physical, phycological and intuitive senses. A challenge, as I am very rational and have difficulty understanding these terms. The ultimate goal being: "to discover your own free life", free from exposed ideas or expectations of others. For now I start with mentioning it, as it is a work in progress. In due time, as wisdom grows, I'll try to explore and share.

Also I continued running, expanding distances and worked on strengthening my core and legs. And finding even more delights in running, for instance in late night running. A feeling of fulfilment that is new, nice, and felt oh so good.